Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    A Typology of the Causes of Escalation on Commitment Phenomena in Govermental Section            0000-00-00
2    A huristice model for Items storage in warehouse            0000-00-00
3    Evaluating efficiency of education departments of Ferdowsi University of mashhad by comined model of DEA and PCA            0000-00-00
4    Simulation of promoting Sunni chain of FUM faculty members with dynamic systems approach            0000-00-00
5    Design and solving optimal control model of Production and inventory planning for perishable items            0000-00-00
6    Design a linear optimal control model for the problem of inventory inventory with multi stock and reworking, and solving its exact and approximate            0000-00-00
7    The Delay Modeling of Production Leadtime in The Optimal Systems of Inventory and Production Planning            0000-00-00
8    Designing and solving a continuous optimal control model for manpower planning            0000-00-00
9    The influence of buyer attitude on brand equity by mediating role of buyer-seller relationship quality    M.Sc.    Fakhrieh, Mahdi    2011-03-06
10    Exploration and explanation the configurations of intellectual capital and competetive priorities of production strategy and treir relations    Ph.D    manzarihesar, mahdi    2012-03-05
11    Investigating the mediating role of Total Quality Management in relationship between Knowledge Management and Organizational Performance (Case study: Khorasan Science and Technology Park Companies)    M.Sc.    afshar, amin    2012-03-10
12    survey effecy of Costumer satification Services Marketing on Perception Spactator Attendance Expectation Club. Performance FansTeam IdentificationDisconfirmation    M.Sc.    maleki mareshk, zeynab    2012-05-23
13    affect of    M.Sc.    eslami, ghasem    2012-06-05
14    Identification and prioritization of bottlenecks to improve rail maintenance Depot (Case Study: Mashhad Urban Railway Depot))    M.Sc.    Nejati, Abolfazl    2012-06-19
15    Effect of physical aspects of security through the use of electronic payment systems, customer perceptions of security and trust    M.Sc.    allahyari, meysam    2012-06-20
16    Examination of the effect of service quality on spectator behavioral intentions through their satisfaction (Case Study :spectators of Mashhad Farsh – Ara futsal team in Iran Premier League )    M.Sc.    toosi, mohsen    2012-10-20
17    Design and evaluated Assembly Line Balancing alternatives With Equipment selection using integrated branch and bound Algorithm and AHP    M.Sc.    felfelani, atieh    2012-10-21
18    Refining Kano model by incorporating adding customer’s perceived value factor.    M.Sc.    Nozari Aval, Yavar    2012-10-23
19    Studying the Effect of Advertising Value on Consumers Attitude toward Mobile Advertising by Considering the Concept of Privacy Concerns    M.Sc.    beheshti, behnoosh    2012-10-30
20    An Investigation of the security and privacy effects on the trust and commitment in internet banking    M.Sc.    shahrokhi fakhrabad, zinat    2012-10-30
21    The effect of relationalism in marketing channels on marketing strategies    M.Sc.    afshani, minoo    2012-12-05
22    taxonomy of marketing strategy for the hotel and hotelapartemant of mashhad    M.Sc.    jafarzadeh kermani, nazanin    2012-12-11
23    Using hybrid AHP-PROMETHEE and Mont Carlo Simulation for prioritizing and selecting appropriate target market    M.Sc.    Kariznoee, Amir    2012-12-25
24    Designing a Dynamic model for evaluating different safety stock and lot-sizing policies scenarios to reduce the Nervousness of MRP system    M.Sc.    fakhlaei, nadiye    2012-12-25
25    Developing an integrated model to improve the performance of Kansie engineering by factor analysis, group technology and analytic network process    M.Sc.    Taghikhah, Firoozeh    2013-01-08
26    The Prioritization and selection of service providers for outsourcing of maintenance activities of FUM by FAHP    M.Sc.    Mashhadi Farahani, Mohammad Amin    2013-01-14
27    Taxonomy of operational strategies and operational systems in Health care and select a suitable strategy for each system Case study: The departments of hospitals in Mashhad    M.Sc.    shahraki, reihaneh    2013-01-22
28    Evaluating and selection of the most appropriate logistics service provider using an integrated QFD and fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS method. Case study : Pooya Gostar company    M.Sc.    roohbakhsh, amir    2013-02-05
29    investigating of the relationship between corporate entrepreneurship and firm performance in telecommunication centers of khorasan razavi telecommunication company with moderating role of perceived environment    M.Sc.    amraee, morteza    2013-03-03
30    diagnosis and evaluation of effective indexes of the selection of finance projects contractors in water and wastewater organization of mashhad    M.Sc.    mazaherizadeh, younes    2013-03-03
31    Grouping operational objectives of hotel industry using IPA matrix and DEMATEL method    M.Sc.    paridad, asiyeh    2013-03-05
32    Assessing Impacts of Environmental Attributes and Moderating Role of Board of Directors\\\\\\\' Characteristics on Strategic Decision Making    M.Sc.    abolfathi, amir ardalan    2013-03-05
33    Selection and prioriztiing of maintenance strategies using Interval AHP & Linear Programming (A case study: TOOS CHINI Factory)    M.Sc.    Moghaddass, Mahsa    2013-03-05
34    The evaluation and ranking of customer requirements and determining the technical characteristics of products using the combination of Kano model and QFD(Case study: Toos porcelain corporation of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Hajitabar, Jaber    2013-03-16
35    An investigation of barriers effecting on Physically Handicapped access to e-government services    M.Sc.    imani tehrani, fateme    2013-04-09
36    Agility evaluation on constructing of south pars gas refineries using fuzzy DEA    M.Sc.    Khalesi Benhangi, Samira    2013-04-16
37    Application of Multi-Objective Decision making Model for Optimization the Time-Cost-Quality by Considering Environment Factor in Urban projects with Fuzzy Approach (Study Case: Project of Regenerating the Isfahan’s Imam Ali (AS) Square)    M.Sc.    Chitsazzadeh, Mohammad Ali    2013-04-16
38    Selecting maintenance policy by fuzzy group analytic network process    M.Sc.    ghavamy, saeede    2013-04-30
39    Proposing and examine a model of determining executives information requirement in public sector (Case study: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    MILANI FARD, OMID    2013-05-07
40    An Investigation on the role of organizational capabilities in creating value for the customer (Case Study: branches Managers of Mehr eghtesad Khorasan banks)    M.Sc.    DEHNAVI, MOHAMMAD HASAN    2013-05-07
41    Locating the selling branches using the Analytical Hierarchy Process Model and Geographic Information System; case of Mashhad Gandom Dasht company    M.Sc.    zeinvand lorestani, hanzaleh    2013-05-14
42    Alignment between business environment characteristics, competitive priorities, supply chain structures, and firm business performance    M.Sc.    Jafaripour, Ali    2013-05-14
43    Investigating the impact of Employee Engagement on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Moderating role of human resource development    M.Sc.    adeli nasab, fateme    2013-05-21
44    competitive strategy- fuzzy- ahp- topsis    M.Sc.    dadras moghadam, elham    2013-06-09
45    an investigation of the factors affecting individuals knowledge sharing behavior    M.Sc.    MEHDIZADEH, RAHIM    2013-06-09
46    Design of a Fuzzy Multi Objective Linear Programming Model for Production Planning (Case study: The Factory of Golchekan Zamani )    M.Sc.    khodaei ardakani, parisa    2013-06-25
47    Prioritizing service marketing strategies (7p) based on a hybrid model DEMATEL and ANP    M.Sc.    basirinejad, fatemeh    2013-06-25
48    Mediating role of customer cynicism between personality traits and customers\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' market behaviors considering the moderation of brand trust    M.Sc.    Golestani nia, Mojtaba    2013-06-25
49    Design & Evaluation of the purchase process improvement scenarios by employing business process re-engineering, simulation & cost-benefit analysis    M.Sc.    akhgari, mohammad    2013-06-25
50    investigating the factors affecting the acceptance of goverments back- office courters e-service as the servies channel in mashhad city    M.Sc.    pourbagheri, mahmood    2013-12-02
51    The comparative investigation of concerning aspects of agility in manufacturing sector and Hotel services (Case study: Manufacturing companies located in the Toos Industrial Estate and the three, four and five star hotels in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Afshar, Amirhossein    2014-01-07
52    An approach for manufacturing strategy development based on fuzzy AHP_QFD (Case, Pooya Gostar Khorasan Company)    M.Sc.    ValinezhadTabriziMoghadda, Elaheh    2014-01-29
53    study of success fctors in implementing strategic changes in manufacturing companies    M.Sc.    Balavar, Mohammad Hamzeh    2014-03-10
54    The effect of Islamic teachings on information asymmetric reducing in the commodity market    M.Sc.    salehnia, nafiseh    2014-03-11
55    Changes in Operational Efficiency and Firm Performance: A Frontier Analysis Approach    M.Sc.    moradi, saide    2014-04-15
56    The effect of innovation leadership and knowledge sharing on organizational performance with mediating role of strategic fit (Case of: Subsidiaries and affiliated Tavanir )    M.Sc.    elhami, solmaz    2014-04-27
57    An Evaluation Of Organization Steps In Business Understanding Phase For Implementing Data Mining Projects ( Case Study: Alis Company)    M.Sc.    fakhrieh, marzieh    2014-04-29
58    Evaluation and selection of suppliers, through the integration fuzzy hierarchical analysis (FAHP) ، quality function deployment (QFD) and VIKOR ( Case Study: Aida ceram factory)    M.Sc.    mahmudi, kolsum    2014-04-29
59    Ranking the influences financial and non financial Factors on taking decision of investors by using the Topsis and Ahp Techniques    M.Sc.    montaseri, laleh    2014-05-03
60    A Survey Identifying the time delay factors and prioritizing them in the big building projects of private sector in Mashhad city using ANP method: case of private Construction project in Mashhad    M.Sc.    fazli, abdorreza    2014-05-05
61    Applying data mining to discover relationship adjacency of stuffs(on the shelves) in increased sales in supermarkets    M.Sc.    khojasteh nezhad, ehsan    2014-05-06
62    Configuration of manufacturing strategy decision areas and competitive priorities in line production systems    M.Sc.    redbagsha, reza    2014-05-06
63    Investigating the Effect of Perceived Service Quality on Customer Loyalty Mediated by Customer Satisfaction and Corporate Image. (Case Study: Sina Bank's Branches in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Nikoo, Hossein    2014-05-06
64    The Clustering of storage items and solving the Storage location assignment problem (case study: Housing Factory)    M.Sc.    Mohajer, Morteza    2014-05-06
65    Design the dynamic model of productivity in Mashhad Food and Drink Industry for recognition the productivity's effective factors in their evolutional procedure    M.Sc.    REZAEI GARKANI, NAZANIN    2014-05-06
66    Using Q-methodology in identification and grouping customers requests in Kansei engineering    M.Sc.    nasiraei, amir    2014-06-03
67    Strategy alignment between HRM, KM, and corporate strategy and its influence on KM effectiveness (The case of manufacturing firms in Toos industrial estate)    M.Sc.    Mardani, Somayeh    2014-06-03
68    measuring and comparison of efficiency of food and beverage industry of khorasan razavi province with selected provinces and the total of the country by using data envolvment analysis    M.Sc.    soleymani, mohammad    2014-06-11
69    The impact of intellectual capital on firm performance (Case Study: Sina Insurance Company(    M.Sc.    Hojjatian, Faeze    2014-07-05
70    Investigating the effect of the CIO's roles and responsibilities in E-government development Khorasan Razavi Power Industry)    M.Sc.    Tabrizi, Arezou    2014-07-06
71    Examining the impact of organizational factors on the preservation keeping engineers in infrastructure projects in Khorasan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    madadiyan, reza    2014-07-21
72    Evaluating the Success of Enterprise Resource Planning Based on the Model of Chein and Tsaur    M.Sc.    shahin senowbari, mohammad reza    2014-09-11
73    Investigation on effects of electronic participation value variables on citizen participation in local governance(citizen of zone 9th of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Dokhanchi, Farnaz    2014-10-01
74    The dynamic model of relationships between factors in evaluating the performance of the Bank with Balanced scorecard approach    M.Sc.    Asadpoor, Elham    2014-11-18
75    Identify and prioritize the factors affecting the success of manufacturing companies implement value engineering in the city of Mashhad By using Delphi technique and AHP    M.Sc.    izadi, jalal    2014-11-18
76    Survey the effect of Export Commitment on Export Performance by Mediating Role of Adaptation of Marketing Tactics (The case of exporting companies of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    sepasi, mahmoud    2014-12-30
77    Designing of performance evaluation model (DEA) for hierarchy DMUs with weighted Indicators. (case study: Person Hyper Market)    M.Sc.    mirnezhad, raziye    2015-02-17
78    Exploring The Effect of Perceived Organizational Support and Psychological Empowerment on Organizational Commitment(Case of Real Estate Registration Office in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    bakhshi, hamideh    2015-02-24
79    Predict success of Iran Khodro Khorasan Enterprise Resource Planning implementation by using cause and effect relations and ranking success factors.    M.Sc.    Zahmatdoost, Elmira    2015-02-24
80    Prioritizing mixed marketing indicator elements to find problems exporting hand made carpets of khorasan state of iran by using impotance - performance analysis model    M.Sc.    Taghizadeh Mehneh, Yaser    2015-03-03
81    Design the dynamic model of sustainability assessment of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology in Mashhad Medium and Large sized Industries    M.Sc.    kadkhoda, negar    2015-03-10
82    Generating a selection system of the best knowledge management techniques for improving the project risk management    M.Sc.    Moradpour, Mona    2015-03-10
83    Designing an integrated model of the target assignment to headquarters in Naval Combat Management by Targets Classification    Ph.D    okhravi, Amirhosein    2015-03-11
84    A longitudinal study on Pattern of change in manufacturing strategy configurations at manufacturing firms (Case Study: manufacturing companies located in the industrial town of Toos)    M.Sc.    mollazadeh yazdani, bahareh    2015-03-17
85    Study of Critical Factors for E-invoice Service Adoption Customer (Case of Study: Mashhad Electric Energy Distribution Company)    M.Sc.    naderi, narges    2015-04-07
86    Resource allocation to strategies of quality management with FANP and Goal programming approach    M.Sc.    Rezaee, Elham    2015-04-14
87    Implementing of statistical process chart of defects for controling fuzzy attribute in imen khodro shargh company    M.Sc.    fadaei, somayeh    2015-04-14
88    Organization jobs separation according to Strategic References Points to Human Resource Strategies Codification based on Stewart and Brown Model (Case: Nian Electronic Company)    M.Sc.    CHAMANIAN, MOHAMMAD ALI    2015-05-05
89    The Effect of E-Service Quality on Customers Coninued Usage of E-Government Services via Trust (Active brokerage firms in Tehran Stock Exchange)    M.Sc.    piraham, alie    2015-05-05
90    Pathology of selecting participant unit of analysis in survey research-Meta-Analysis Selected Management Papers    M.Sc.    gholamiyan, simin    2015-06-13
91    Investigating the relationship between source perceived support,affectivecommitment to company – union and knowledge sharing: case of the employees of fariman sugar factory    M.Sc.    sharey, elnaz    2015-06-27
92    Investigation the Role of Emotional And Spiritual Intelligence on the Job Performance of Bank of Mehr Eghtesad's Employees With Mediating Role of Personal Innovatiin    M.Sc.    bavandi sani, seyyed mohammad    2015-09-08
93    Investigative of the effects of project management information systems quality on project success by success model of IS(Delone & Mclean) –Study on: Water & Waste water co.    M.Sc.    fatoorechi, maryam    2015-09-14
94    Taxonomy of Flexibility Dominant Groups of Manufacturing Companies and Prioritizing Based on Influence of Organizational Dynamic Capabilities    Ph.D    khoobiyan, mehdi    2015-09-22
95    Designing an Integrated System to Predict the Success of New Product Development and Selecting the Product - Market Strategy by Using Artificial Intelligence Methods    Ph.D    soltani fesaghandis, gholamreza    2015-10-06
96    Designing an expert system for proposition of operations strategy in project-based organizations‎    Ph.D    javan rad, ehsan    2015-11-07
97    Application of Fuzzy Quality Function Deployment metod for product design in the carpet industry (case study: Handmade carpets of Quchan city    M.Sc.    omidvar, akram    2015-11-17
98    Designing an Interactive Model for Practices of Green Supply Chain Management and applying it in Grouping for Analyzing Green Performance    Ph.D    ghorbanpour, ahmad    2015-11-22
99    Designing and solving Multi-objective model scheduling multitasking machines in flexible manufacturing cell    Ph.D    Esfandiar, mohammad    2015-12-23
100    Investigating the effect of knowledge management on CRM success through the mediating role of organizational factors in 3- 4- and 5-star hotels of Mashhad city    M.Sc.    Mazloom, Azadeh    2016-01-12
101    Investigating the recursive impact between job satisfaction and motivation on organizational commitment .(case study:Headquarter and branches of tourism bank in Tehran)    M.Sc.    ghiyaei, arezoo    2016-01-16
102    clothing market segmentation based on purchase decision making styles and determining the differences between attitudes of each segment toward marketing mix (The Case of: consumers of clothing foreign brands in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    tabakhiyan, leili    2016-01-19
103    Design a Fuzzy Export System to Selection Strategy in Agriculture section Shirvan city    M.Sc.    ghadimi, Vahid    2016-02-02
104    Investigating of perceived organizational justice effect on personnel innovation capability by mediating role of knowledge sharing    M.Sc.    sarbaz, fariba    2016-03-08
105    Approach Consolidated Model to choose a quality management system based on the benefits of their applications in the automotive industry using Fuzzy Dematel Technique and Analysis Network Process    M.Sc.    galehdar, elham    2016-03-09
106    Exploring and explaining the barriers to retention of human resources of Iranian top universities using Q-methodology    Ph.D    Azimi, Ali    2016-03-09
107    Recognizing and prioritizing barriers of women promotion to managerial positions using Fuzzy MCDM (case study: tax adminstration of Khorasan-e-Razavi)    M.Sc.    ghavami, nahid    2016-04-12
108    Extraction of customer profitability function with genetic algorithm and customer clustering    M.Sc.    Edalati, Adeleh    2016-05-01
109    Studying, assessing and ranking the investment barriers in Iran’s informal settlements (Case study: Mashhad metropolis)    M.Sc.    Seyfi Sangachin, Sheykh Saleh    2016-05-18
110    The Effect of Perceived Quality of Self-Service Banking Services on customer satisfaction Through Trust and Perceived Value Taking into account the role of technological readiness (Case study: Branches of the New Economy Bank in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    abed khorasani, mehran    2016-05-24
111    Designing the model of Customer Knowledge Management based on multi-agent approach in Iranian Banks    Ph.D    farmani, feryal    2016-06-12
112    Presenting a Weighted Aggregate Production Planning Model by Applying Data Envelopment Analysis and Goal Programming Methods    M.Sc.    Naji, Seyed Ali    2016-06-28
113    Product plot optimization using integrated fuzzy analytic hierarchy process and zero-one integer programming    M.Sc.    bafandegan emroozi, vahide    2016-09-13
114    Improving quality in health services chain via human resources service capacity management with system dynamics approach    Ph.D    Alizadeh, Ali    2016-09-21
115    Developing the maximum-capture model with considering cost in fuzzy environment    Ph.D    ALIMIAGHDAEI, AMIR    2016-09-25
116    Reducing the Operational Risks of Production Process and Economic Environmental Risks in Supply Chain of Perishable Products Applying System Dynamic Modelling    Ph.D    Shooshtarian, zakieh    2016-10-04
117    Configuration Of Production Decision and Competitive Priorities In Job Shop Production Systems (Multiple Case Study)    M.Sc.    salarbabakhani, nahid    2016-11-22
118    Optimal Location of Emergency Settlingfor injured people from earthquake(Case Study:Mashhad City)    Ph.D    esmaeili kakhki, farshid    2016-12-18
119    Identifying and analyzing perceived malfunctions of communication in the Development and improvment of Organizational talents, and studying its relationship with career anchors (The case of staffs of government organizations in North Khorasan province)    Ph.D    khani, davood    2016-12-20
120    (Designing a dynamic model for determining the price level of residential units of private section (Zibasaze Toosgam construction company depended on Melal Credit Instituti    M.Sc.    sajjad, seyyed saeed    2017-01-11
121    Designing a Multi-Objective Multi-Product Multi-Period Inventory Management and Routing Model in a Two-Level Distribution Network of Veterinary Drugs    Ph.D    Farajzadeh, Saeideh    2017-01-17
122    Comparing the Effect of two Forecasting Methods of ARIMA & Artifical Neural Network on Bullwhip Effect (Case Study : Baspar Taban Company)    M.Sc.    Parsa Far, Pedram    2017-04-23
123    Study of the factors affecting the acceptance of electronic registration system demand for electricity branch subscribers using UTAUT and categorizing them using IPA    M.Sc.    davoodi rezvani, freshteh    2017-04-30
124    Designing the Conceptual Model of Relationship between the Elements of Supply Chain Agility using Fuzzy Interpretive Structural Modeling (FISM) and Prioritizing the Elements of Agility by applying Fuzzy Analytic Network Process (FANP)    M.Sc.    shalchian, ahmad    2017-05-02
125    Determining The Number And Dynamic Locating Of Mobile Facilities In Case Of social Crisis Using Agent-Based Simulation    Ph.D    hozhabrossadati, seyyed morteza    2017-05-23
126    Investigating The effect of knowledge sharing attitude and subjective norms on competitive advantages by mediating role of intention to share knowledge.(case of study : economic organization of astan quds razavi ).    M.Sc.    bazregar, seyedeh mahboobeh    2017-05-23
127    A system dynamics approach to capacity adjustment policy for hospital equipment to improve patient flow    M.Sc.    asghari, vajihe    2017-06-06
128    Study the impact of 3d printing on supply chain performance through dynamic systems modeling (the case of home appliance industry)    M.Sc.    Hosseini Arian, Nazanin    2017-06-06
129    Dynamic Modeling of the Effects of Supportive Government Policies on Value Chain of Red Meat in Mashhad    Ph.D    alizadeh, Parisa    2017-06-19
130    Designing the Model of Multi-objective Flexible Job Shop Scheduling With New Job Insertion, Earliness/Tardiness Penalty and Fuzzy Processing Time    Ph.D    Seyyedi, Mir Hossein    2017-06-20
131    Optimization of Biomass Cultivation Capacity and Facility Location in the Supply Chain of Liquid Biofuels    Ph.D    kheybari, siamak    2017-06-20
132    Designing optimal blood logistic management with the possibility of returning to a three-level blood transfusion network    Ph.D    ahmadimanesh, monireh    2017-07-01
133    An Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach for Equipment Replacement problem using Model Predictive Control    Ph.D    Sadeghpour, Hossein    2017-09-12
134    Optimization of Human Resources Planning at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Educational groups    M.Sc.    BIRJAND MOSHIRI, ALI    2017-10-04
135    Identifying Behavioral and Personality Characteristics of Knowledge Workers Affective in Success of knowledge Management And Analysing the Importance-Performance of Factors in Research And Development departments in Mashhad Companies    Ph.D    Shaarbaf, Ahmad    2017-10-17
136    Taxonomy of Supply Chain Sustainability Strategies in Manufacturing Companies of Khorasan Razavi Province    Ph.D    alaee, hossein    2017-10-31
137    Organisational strategy selection and pioritizing with Freeman model and using Fuzzy AHP technique    M.Sc.    Chitsazzadeh, Amir Hosain    2017-11-07
138    A model to predict small and medium food industry enterprises growth based on combination of artificial intelligence and metaheuristic    Ph.D    Ebrahimkhani, Hamed    2017-12-12
139    Design a fuzzy QFD model to prioritize enablers of mass customization strategy (Industrail Lama Electronics Company)    M.Sc.    shahpari, asieh    2018-01-09
140    Designing a Recommender System: As a Solution for Evaluating the Level of Alignment Maturity of Information Systems and Business Processes    Ph.D    GANJI BIDMESHK, OLFAT    2018-01-10
141    Designing Dynamic Model of the Influences of Just-in-Time, Total Quality Management and Total Productive Maintenance on the Environmental Impacts in the production system.    Ph.D    Feili, Ardalan    2018-01-23
142    Designing a Strategic Business Intelligence Model for Strategy Development using self-Adaptive and Learner System in Iranian Banking Industry (Case Study of Agricultural Bank)    Ph.D    Bekamiri, Hamid    2018-02-13
143    A Fuzzy Inference System for Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Risk    M.Sc.    dolatkhahi, katayoun    2018-03-04
144    Designing Optimal Control Model for Finite Capacity Continuous Multi Stage MRP System Of Deteriorating Items with Production Lead times and Possibility of Reworking (Case Study: Mashhad Panel Barsava Manufacturing Company)    M.Sc.    Miri, Mahdi    2018-03-07
145    Designing an intelligent model of reservation management using neural networks based on neural meta-model (case study: a university dining system)    Ph.D    Faezirad, Mohammadali    2018-04-10
146    Identifying and Prioritizing Critical Success Factors in the Transition from Different levels of Business Process Maturity Model Using Delphi and Fuzzy AHP Technique (The case of Mashhad Urban Railway Operation Company(MUROC))    M.Sc.    Sarkhosh, Abdollah    2018-05-01
147    Investigating the effecy of antecedents , mechanism, and consequences in the supply chain risk information processing system in Iran Khodro co    M.Sc.    ZARENEYSHABORI, MAEDEH    2018-05-15